Dell Humbert at Carol Fox Park

The week at the park was great! Thank you to everyone who came down to talk with me.

Monday April 5th through Friday April 9th 2021, from 6:00pm until 7:00pm

If you did not have a chance to drop by this week, please send me an e-mail, we can talk, text or zoom.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

I attended the ground breaking ceremony for the Berm/Wall Street Projects at

11:00am on Thursday April 1, 2021

It was very nice, and a good number of the city officials were present. It is unfortunate that not many residents were able to attend, but to be expected as it was a Thursday.

Money, and Finances

Debt is a tool that should be used only when needed. We get more for our money without debt.

Reserves: The city currently maintains a buffer to ensure it is able to pay its bills when needed. As the city funding percentage from sales tax increases, I am going to advocate that the buffer also increases to offset the risk.

Flooding projects are expensive, and the city has spent some money to help finance these projects, it is quite impressive how much funding has come from sources other than the city budget.

We should look at reducing taxes especially increasing the homestead exemption.

Finally, we should fund ways to ensure the quality of life for the people of Jersey Village. We want this to continue to be a wonderful place to live.


I get a lot of questions about taxes, and whether we should increase the homestead exemption to the maximum allowed value.

My answer is Yes!

The mayor and city council have done an admirable job at shifting the tax base from property tax to sales tax, and that is a trend I support and think we should continue. I am very excited about raising the homestead exemption in particular, provided the city finances will allow it.

WARNING: Sales tax revenue drops rapidly when the economy takes a down turn, and this can leave the city in a financial crunch.

In summary, I am in favor of further reducing property taxes, conservatively.

TIRZ documents are out

This is one of the most optimistic taxing documents I have ever read.

The PDF can be found on the city web site, or here TIRZ Docs (opens PDF document)

Having said that, the costs of this TIRZ to the city are significant, and the benefeits are limited. At the moment, it appears to be a net positive for the city, but I am wondering what you are thinking about it. Feel free to send me an e-mail.

Better yet, sign up to speak at the public hearing next Monday 03/15/2021 Notice

The details:

IMPORTANT: Actual costs will depend on market conditions, the decisions of the board, and the number of houses purchased.
Cost Estimate: $2,681,628 (seems optimistic)
Houses Helped: 19

City Agrees to Pro-actively Reduce Water Bills

This is Great! The city can now automatically adjust your water bill down in the case of a disaster, such as the one caused by the recent winter storms. I have never lived in an area where the local government has taken this step.

The details:

Cost Estimate: $20,000, though this may vary determining if the cities suppliers provide some relief to the city.
People Helped: 300, That is a lot of folks with busted pipes.

If you would like a yard sign, send me an e-mail.Dell Humbert